August 3, 2022   PureGreen24 Kills the MonkeyPox Virus

October 15, 2021: PureGreen24 Is now EPA Registered to kill the COVID-19 virus in ONLY 30 seconds

April 2, 2020: PureGreen24 is added to two new Covid-19 lists

March 18, 2020: PureGreen24 is being used in NY school for disinfecting against the human Coronavirus

March 16, 2020: PureGreen24 is added to the EPA list for disinfectants to be used against the human Coronavirus

February 26, 2020: Dr. Bens recommends to use PureGreen24 in your home to combat the Coronavirus

January 31, 2020: PureGreen24 is EPA Registered to kill the Human Coronavirus

November 14, 2014: PureGreen24 added to CDC list of disinfectants added to CDC list of Disinfectants for Use against the Ebola Virus

February 26, 2013: PureGreen24 receives seal of approval from Organic Baby University

October 22, 2012: PureGreen LLC Supports MRSA Survivors Network

July 2, 2012: PureGreen LLC Supports Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund

April 19, 2011: PureGreen24 Recommended by Green Vet

November 18, 2010: PureGreen24 Highlighted in the TURI Infection Control Hand Book

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February 8, 2010: PureGreen24 partners with Cleaning For A Reason

February 1, 2010: Germ Concerns Heat Up Due to H1N1

January 10, 2010: PureGreen24 Announces Availability at Whole Foods Market

October 6, 2009: PureGreen24 Highlighted on CBS CH2 News NY

September 11, 2009: David Stetson of Pure Green LLC interviewed by discussing how to reduce the spread of infection.

August 23, 2009: PureGreen24 featured in NY Times Sunday Business Section

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June 14, 2009: PureGreen24 recommended by Welcome to the Motherhood blog

May 16, 2009: PureGreen24 recommended by Words from a busy SAHM blog

May 15, 2009: PureGreen24 Meets Resilite’s Testing Requirements

May 10, 2009: PureGreen24 Recommended by YMCA for combating MRSA

May 1, 2009: Swine flu/2009 H1NI update

April 29, 2009: PureGreen24 Kills the Influenza A Virus on hard surfaces in both Home and Healthcare Settings

April 7, 2009: Babson College Combats Norovirus with PureGreen24

March 25, 2009: PureGreen24 recommended by Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife blog

March 24, 2009: PureGreen24, First Disinfectant to be recommended by Green Clean Institute

March 17, 2009: PureGreen24 Named “ChildSafe” Disinfectant

March 17, 2009: Fox12 Oregon News Green Cleaning

March 17, 2009: PureGreen24 recommended by Retro Housewife blog

March 11, 2009: Fighting MRSA, Staph and the Flu in Chiropratic Wellness Centers

March 2, 2009: PureGreen24 CH recommended

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January 5, 2009: Tragedy of the Travolta’s

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June 20, 2008: Country HosPETatlity Featured in a News Channel 36 Interview Concerning their Eco-Friendly Pet Boarding Facility and the use of PureGreen24

June 16, 2008: PureGreen24, is recognized by Wildlife Organizations as a Preferred Disinfectant

March 24, 2008: PureGreen24, First Disinfectant to be recommended by Green Clean Institute

March 17, 2008: PureGreen24 Named “ChildSafe” Disinfectant

February 14, 2008: Fox 6 News MRSA Protection Stepped up “Click Play button (triangle image) in upper right hand corner of SanDiego6 web page to view video”

December 13, 2007: Dana Stetson of Pure Green, LLC Interviewed on the Animal Talk Naturally internet radio show discussing the prevention of MRSA in animals